A bone graft is an essential procedure in modern dentistry, especially when dealing with dental implants or treating bone loss due to gum disease. A bone graft involves transplanting bone tissue to your jaw to bolster its strength and density. Our experienced dentist typically recommends this procedure when your jawbone lacks the necessary support for dental implants or other dental restorations. The bone used in grafting can be sourced from various places. Often, the best results are achieved with bone harvested from another area of your body. However, alternatives such as artificial bone materials or bone fragments from a tissue bank are also viable options.

When a tooth is lost or extracted, the jawbone at that site begins to deteriorate, a process known as resorption. This loss of bone density can compromise the stability of dental implants. By performing a bone graft, we can restore the bone’s volume and strength, creating a solid foundation for implants. This is critical not only for the success of the implant but also for your overall oral health.

Bone grafts are not limited to implant dentistry. They are also essential in certain periodontal therapies, particularly when bone loss has occurred due to severe gum disease. Restoring lost bone helps support your teeth and maintain your oral structure.

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