If you have previously had root canal therapy but find yourself experiencing discomfort or infection in the same tooth, you might need root canal retreatment. While the majority of root canals are successful, it is not uncommon for teeth that have undergone root canal therapy to require additional attention. Sometimes, complications arise that necessitate further intervention to save the tooth and relieve your pain.

Root canal retreatment, also known as endodontic retreatment, involves reopening the tooth to address any issues that were missed or have developed since the initial procedure. During your first root canal, our dentist removed the infected pulp from your tooth, cleaned and shaped the canal and filled it to prevent further infection. However, if your tooth did not heal as expected or if new issues have emerged, retreatment may be necessary.

There are several reasons why a tooth might not heal properly after initial treatment, such as:

  • Complex canal anatomy that was not detected during the first procedure
  • Delays in placing the crown or other restoration
  • New decay in the previously treated tooth or a nearby area

When you come in for root canal retreatment, our dentist will carefully examine your tooth to identify any new infections or untreated canals.

The procedure for root canal retreatment starts with reopening the tooth and removing the original filling materials. Dr. Gregory Davis will meticulously clean the canals and remove any infection present. Once the canals are thoroughly cleaned and shaped, new filling material is placed to ensure the tooth is properly sealed. The opening in the tooth is then temporarily filled until a new crown or restoration can be placed to protect and restore the tooth’s function.

Root canal retreatment in Boise, Idaho, is an effective way to save a tooth that might otherwise be lost. If you are experiencing pain or infection in a tooth that has had root canal therapy, Please contact State Street Dental at 208-939-1700 and make an appointment with our skilled dentist. Our friendly team is here to help you understand your options and provide the care you need to keep your smile healthy.