Welcome to State Street Dental! We want you to feel at home during your time with us, and have provided an outline of what you can expect when you first meet with Dr. Gregory Davis and our team. If you have any questions, or to schedule an appointment with our dentist in Boise, Idaho, please reach out to us at 208-939-1700.

Welcome to Our Office

When you arrive at our office, you will be greeted by our receptionist under the “Dr. Gregory Davis” sign. If you have brought your completed patient information form from our website or mail, we will collect it and address any questions you might have. If you have dental insurance, we will process your copay and clarify any plan-related queries.

A Brief Office Tour

After checking in and getting your questions answered, our receptionist will give you a brief tour of the office to help you feel at home.

Please Have a Seat

Following the tour, you will be invited to sit in our reception room, where you can enjoy our beautiful fish tank. However, you will not be waiting long.

Your Professional Teeth Cleaning

Most new patients receive a teeth cleaning or hygiene appointment before seeing Dr. Davis. Our hygienist will escort you to the hygiene room for a thorough dental cleaning that will leave your teeth feeling squeaky clean.

Your Exam with Dr. Davis

After your cleaning, a dental assistant will accompany you to the exam room. Dr. Davis enjoys getting to know his patients, so feel free to ask any questions. You will receive a careful and thorough exam, and if you have questions about modern dental care options for a more attractive smile, just ask.

Your Personal Treatment Plan

Post-exam, our dentist will discuss the results with you and address any concerns. If there are dental issues, he will outline his recommendations for restoring the health and appearance of your teeth and smile. Together, you will decide on a personal treatment plan based on your preferences, with no pressure.

Thank You and See You in Six Months

Our receptionist will then answer any further questions and review your treatment plan. If additional treatment is necessary, we schedule your next visit with our dentist and discuss fees and payment options. As you leave, we thank you for choosing us. We hope we have provided the attention and care that would make you comfortable recommending us to family or friends seeking a dentist.

Things to Bring for Your First Visit:

Thank You!

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and help you enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, healthy smile. Our goal during your first visit is to help you feel relaxed, comfortable and better informed about your dental health. If you ever have questions, please ask. Together, we can help you enjoy a beautiful smile for life.